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Life In Zakynthos

Who Wouldn’t???? You Get off the plane with the rest of the tourist and there is waiting you a friend or a member of your family, and before you know it you are at home! in a warm familiar place with sandy beaches, just few hours away from all major European airports, where the sun is shining and is usually no rain for six months , with crystal clear water sea and  safe area for you and your family, that’s a daily life for somebody who has decided to relocate and live on a Greek Island such as , Zakynthos.

Now on the Practical side of it! the island is small enough to be everything away of 30 minutes drive , big supermarkets, whole sale shops,clothes shops etc, tavernas and restaurants are all over the place so as little shops for essential things , One of the positive side is that you do not need any vaccination to travel in Zakynthos as is European land and is not much different in health sector than any other European place, in fact you will notice that’s plenty of government medical centers and a modern central hospital in case of need.

Language Barriers? not really. you will find the amazing that almost everyone speaks english!!!

Ami Gonna feel foreign?? not at all!! every year 5000 – 6000 foreign citizens in majority European decide to spend their winter in zakynthos as it has a mild winter  climate  and in fact few supermarkets import favorite food from the countries of residents  !

How about flights at winter period? , well at winter are not any international flights taking place between november and march, the only flights are available is via Athens Airport and they are scheduled daily flights between Zakynthos And Athens , an alternative way is to drive to Athens , or to use public transport , (Bus)

And what about entertainment? In zante town you will find all year around , cinema, cafes, restorants, bars, nightclubs operating all year around , as tourists resorts close for winter and stay within the resort only few places open, so main town offers a lot more options !

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